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Bow Wow Finishes Strong in Connecticut, Virginia Sees Surge in New Registrations

By William Kellibrew on 10/16/2008 @ 06:37 PM

NCBCP black youth vote
Bow Wow in Atlanta - Election 2008

Bow Wow finished his Walk Across America Tour in Hartford, Connecticut yesterday. His 15 city tour included Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, Orangeburg, Richmond, Philly, Charlotte, and had a great launch in Atlanta at the CNN Center. Black Youth Vote! was on hand to vigorously support the launch and the overall tour. Thanks to the amazing partnership with Bow Wow, Black Youth Vote! continues to have a stake in the record registration of youth ages 18-35 in the United States.

For instance, according to the Virginia State Board of Elections, "about 60 percent of the newly registered voters are under the age of 34." There are an additional 436,000 more registered voters than the previous election. Virginia now has a record 5m people registered, mostly in democrat strongholds. This is an example of not only an agressive campaign by candidates, but by "other outside groups to register new voters" reports the Virginia State Board of Elections.

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BYV! Busy in the United States

By William Kellibrew on 10/08/2008 @ 06:37 PM

NCBCP black youth vote
Bow Wow in Atlanta - Election 2008

Black Youth Vote! is definitely busy throughout the United States. Jeff Johnson Birmingham, Alabama on October 6 and it was a great success. Jeff received a presidential welcome from the crowd there and from BYV! coordinators. Our hats are off to Sheila and LaTosha for leading the effort in Alabama.

Bow Wow will restart his campaign across America tomorrow by visiting Bennett and North Carolina A&T in North Carolina. I will be blogging from the tour as usaul. Again, for more information and some awesome videos, please check out

If you will be in the upcoming tour areas and want to volunteer please email Especially in Boston, Hartfor, Connecticut and New York City.

Talk to you soon.

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Bow Wow Takes to the Road - Charlotte and Greensboro

By William Kellibrew on 10/08/2008 @ 06:37 PM

NCBCP black youth vote
Bow Wow in Atlanta - Election 2008

Bow Wow is in Charlotte for a radio interview and will be in Greensboro, North Carolina at 12 Noon in the Student Center on the campus of North Carolina A&T. We will then visit Bennett College for Women at 2:00 p.m. Bow Wow is kicking off his pledge phase of his Walk Across America Tour for those who already registered. Bow Wow is asking that you do several things for your pledge commitment.

  1. pledge to educate yourself to the best of your ability on the issues relevant to your community.
  2. pledge to verify with your local Board of Elections that your voter registration information is updated and your name is on the voting rolls.
  3. pledge to verify your poll location by calling 1.866.MYVOTE.1
  4. pledge to VOTE on November 4th 2008.
  5. pledge to diligently monitor any election irregularities which may occur at my polling location and report them to 1.866.MYVOTE.1.

Look out and ask for a Pledge Card when you see Bow today and along the Walk Across America Tour.

Folks, Election 2008 is serious and that's why Bow Wow is taking the time to visit over 13 states in order to bring awareness to the Election as well as get young people registered and pledging to vote. Let's make 2008 count.

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Bow and BYV! in Mobile, Alabama's BayFest

By William Kellibrew on 10/06/2008 @ 06:37 PM

The anticipation to Bow Wow's performance at BayFest was felt even in the hotel where we stayed. What we didn't know was that there were over 10,000 screaming fans waiting for Bow just two blocks away.

When Bow took the stage his fans screamed to the top of their lungs and I hadn't seen anything like it from my direction. Bow wanted me to record his entire show while on stage. He performed for 1 hour and 15 minutes. When he got to the end, he made the most awesome speech about voter registration and awareness of the approaching election on November 4. I know he inspired those in the crowd because I was totally ready to vote at that moment. To see this amazing speech just scroll down until you reach the video screen or go to We are uploading videos at least three times a day.

NCBCP Black Youth Vote
Bow Wow and Helen in Atlanta 2008

We are taking a couple of days off so that Bow can work on special projects and pick up our tour on Thursday in Greensboro, North Carolina. Until then, please register to vote if it is not too late. How will you know if it is late or not, go to the NCBCP Election Center. The information is there for you.

I cannot wait to get back on tour to help spread Bow's message of getting out the vote. Talk to you soon.

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Richmond Takes Bow Wow Down Memory Lane on Walk Across America

By William Kellibrew on 10/05/2008 @ 06:37 PM

I knew when we reached the 2nd Street Festival in Richmond it was going to be an historic walk. This festival had the remininsce of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. Their mark was indellibly left on 2nd Street and the city of Richmond. Bow Wow arrived at approximately 11:45 a.m. Things were just getting started. We actually made it earlier than the festival opened. Bow's mission was to get people up early and out to make a difference. We were also greeted by Black Youth Vote! Coordinator, Kemba Smith, her son Amani and a host of volunteers who were taking voter registrations.

Black Youth Vote! was able to get a few people registered on the spot. Bow's presence could not be mistaken for any other reason. He was there to bring awareness to those who would be voting in the November election that their vote counts. He spoke atop a stage that housed a jazz band that gave us a chance to make an announcement while they break. It was simply humbling.

Bow told the crowd of about 100 or so festival goers that registering to vote was important. Kemba told the audience that she could not vote because of her prior conviction, but even after receiving executive clemency from former president Bill Clinton she still could not vote. For the Kemba's story go to The Washington Post.

Our next stop was the football game between St. Paul at Virginia Union University. We arrived just in time for Bow Wow to make the coin toss, but not before honouring our troops with the singing of the National Anthem. We were quickly in and out to make the game between North Carolina Central University and North Carolina A&T in Charlotte, North Carolina. We made the halftime game within 11 minutes just before Bow Wow and me were to address the crowd on the importance of voting. His reception in North Carolina was overwhelming. His fans were so appreciative of him showing up. He actually detoured from his original trip because he was supposed to go directly to Mobile, Alabama.

Well, here we are. We just arrived in Mobile, Alabama and it's 7:03 a.m. CST. Bow is performing this afternoon at the Bayfest Festival. See you there.

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How About That City Of Brotherly Love - Bow Takes Philly By Storm

By William Kellibrew on 10/04/2008 @ 06:37 PM

Wow! That's all I have to say. From the moment we arrived in Philly, the city was on full notice. Bow is consistently getting his message across that registering is not only important, but simply a civic duty. He continually mentions that he is 21 and a first-time voter. As the National Black Youth! Coordinator I could not agree with him more. The more I spend time with him helping to deliver his message across America the more I am committed to being more innovative in how we get that message out there to our youth and hopefully the youth are getting it to the parents, etc.

Bow started his day by going to a few radio stations and then he went to Sneaker Villa on 56th and Market Street. You can see his trip there by going to or scrolling down on this blog spot and looking at his direct streaming footage as he travels -- Kyte, new technology. We will talk about that later -- what an interesting device.

We were able to register a few people at Sneaker Villa. Now, although we did not register many people, this is my take. If we register just one person that is one more than we had before. If we take a look at Florida which was decided by very few votes, I believe 387 or something like that for president of the United States. Don't tell me one doesn't count. We have to register as many as we can. That's been Bow's message. His life has taken on new meaning and that meaning is something that has inspired young people to get up and get registered.

To close down Philly, Bow went on Radio One and then closed down the Fox News 29 -- Last Word show. I could not help but notice how articulate he was on that show and the more he knows everyday as he relays his message.

Now, we are headed to Richmond where we will be visiting Virginia Union and the 2nd Street Festival. I hope that we will see you there.

Next Stop Richmond and then Charlotte.

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Walk Across America Visits Claflin and South Carolina State

By William Kellibrew on 10/03/2008 @ 06:37 PM

Claflin and South Carolina State University was simply amazing. Thanks to so many people on our team who made our visit to these two universities a success. On the Black Youth Vote! side, thanks to Deven Anderson, BYV! Coordinator in North Carolina. He is a graduate of SCSU and did not hesitate to help us out by contacting all of his friends and confidants to make sure we arrived with support for Bow Wow's Walk Across America tour. A special shout out to Julian Pettus and Jake Kale with Declare Yourself for their advanced lead and to all of those BYV! volunteers who helped to set up registration on both campuses. You truly understand that our vote is more important now more than ever. Lastly, thanks to everyone at those two campuses for giving breath to this great cause.

Registration wasn't the only important issue though. Everyone wanted to know about the tee-shirt and paraphernalia business. This is what we told them. It is important to know the laws in your state. It is best not to wear clothes that can be confused with campaigning for a candidate. Poll workers could very well try to deny you entrance into a polling station. It is better to be safe than sorry though. Wear your shirts either before or after you vote at your polling station. This is what Bow Wow's tour is about - awareness and Black Youth Vote! as a part of a national coalition supports this message. Educate yourself. Go to or call 1.866.MYVOTE1 and ask the attorneys. It only takes a few moments.

Until next time.

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