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Al Sharpton at the DNC: ‘If we party in Charlotte . . . the Republicans could be partying in November’

The Rev. Al Sharpton will be front and center in Charlotte this week at the Democratic National Convention, doing what he does best: working back channels, shaking hands and being in the middle of all the action. But he is concerned that too many Democrats are failing to work hard enough and are taking the November election for granted.

“If we party in Charlotte in September, the Republicans could be partying in November,” said Sharpton, who plans to hold a special summit of pastors Thursday to talk about get-out-the-vote efforts during an election season that is much different from four years ago.

Chris Jones of Charlotte poses in front of a campaign sign as his friend takes a picture at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte on Sept. 4, 2012. (David Goldman - AP)

“As much as the president has done to bring the country back from the brink, the landscape is a lot different now than it was in 2008, and I don’t know if people have a realistic view of that,” he added in an interview with TheRootDC.

Sharpton said he has been traveling across the country for months to highlight the fact that a number of states have passed “voter suppression laws” that are designed to keep the people who voted for President Obama four years ago from voting for him again. About a dozen states have introduced Republican-backed proposals that require state-issued identification in order to vote, among other legal changes.

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