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Jan 28, 2022


President Joseph R. Biden
The White House
Washington, DC

Dear President Biden,
We, the undersigned Black women leaders, thank you for honoring your promise that you will be nominating the first Black woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court by the end of February 2022. Once again you are seizing this moment in history to lead with a vision of America at its best and ensuring that the leadership of our democracy reflects a diversity of lived experiences at the highest levels.

We also applaud your ongoing commitment to diversify the ranks of the federal bench, by nominating and ensuring confirmation of federal judges who represent all of our nation’s communities, including your nomination of eight Black women to serve on federal courts.

We write to you today as an intergenerational, intersectional collective of Black women leaders from a range of backgrounds in the public and private sectors committed to advancing and uplifting Black women, our families and communities.   Together, we represent more than 10 million people in communities across America.

Your February 2020 comments and commitment to ensuring that the US Supreme Court is fully representative of the great diversity of our nation have our full agreement. It is time for African-American women to be represented in all sectors of government – including the Supreme Court of the United States, which in its 233-year history has not had a Black woman nominated to serve on the highest court in the land.

From across our country, you have a deep bench of brilliant, highly qualified jurists and attorneys from which to choose your candidate for the Supreme Court.  Already a stellar list of potential nominees are being publicly discussed. Among them are federal & state judges from all corners of the country; former law clerks with legal experience at the district, appellate and supreme court levels; noted law professors from public and private institutions; partners in prominent law firms; federal, state and local prosecutors and public defenders; and US DOJ alumna, many of whom graduated from some of the best law schools in the United States.  No doubt other names will come to light in the coming days.  The combination of outstanding credentials, character and lived experience as Black women more than ensures you will be successful in selecting a nominee who is more than worthy of a lifetime appointment to our highest court.

Nominating a Black woman with the necessary compassion, sense of justice, and brilliant legal mind will bolster the integrity of the Supreme Court by bringing about a balance that ensures the court is more representative of all Americans.  And we are confident that the person you select will have a record that reflects an unwavering commitment to our Constitution, justice, integrity, and democracy that service on our highest court demands.

Further, we are urging the U.S. Senate to fulfill its constitutional responsibility by swiftly holding the hearings and bringing your nominee, once announced, to the floor for a confirmation vote.

We stand ready to support you, the Vice President, and your nominee to ensure that your nominee is confirmed and seated on the U.S. Supreme Court, and we look forward to working with you and your team to once again write a commitment on the pages of history that affirms our national commitment to democracy.

cc: Vice President Kamala Harris

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