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Black Youth Vote! Join the Movement!

The power of our movement comes from the fact that we are able to build diverse coalitions to build towards making change in our communities! Not only are our coalitions diverse, but so is the universe we’re trying to register to vote! Our coalitions include student governments, Greek, community, women’s, hip hop and LGBT organizations, labor unions, grassroots movements, churches, and anyone else working to build the young Black electorate!

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BYV! Seeks to:

NCBCP Black Youth Vote
  • EDUCATE the youth and young adult segment of the African Diaspora on the connection between voting and public policy, how this affects their lives today and their future opportunities.
  • MOUNT an aggressive national online organizing and media campaign that communicates the value of civic process, including voter registration, education, turnout, and accountability
  • DEFINE the impact of the black youth electorate in ALL elections to include: local, state, and national levels
  • CONTINUE to implement long range voter education and mobilization initiatives with existing youth organizations.
  • ESTABLISH BYV! networks to keep those groups motivated mobilized and informed on the policy initiatives that affect their lives as well as establishing a sustainable infrastructure that will reengage and reconnect BYV!’s alumni into our work with black youth and young adults

BYV Mission

The mission of Black Youth Vote has long been to empower, educate and motivate our youth to become active leaders in the world. We aspire to give them the tools and skills they need to affect positive change in their community. The message we hope to convey to our youth is one that says, “Your vote is your voice and it DOES matter!”

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